Preliminary Findings from the 2014 AVEN Community Census

Just in time to wrap up Asexual Awareness Week, preliminary results from the census are now available!

The Preliminary Findings Report is a brief summary of some of the raw data from the survey, to give you an early glimpse of some of the results – it doesn’t contain finalized numbers and it doesn’t address all topics from the survey, but it should be just enough to whet your appetite for more!

We will also begin posting some more shorter snippets of analysis here in the form of blog posts.

Also, many thanks to everyone who took the survey! We couldn’t have done it without you.

11 thoughts on “Preliminary Findings from the 2014 AVEN Community Census

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  4. Any chance I can get my hands on the raw data? Willing to trade some familiarity with data analysis for it.
    Please email me to let me know. Thanks.

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