Sexuality of non-ace respondents

Previously, we showed some results on both the sexuality and sexual politics of ace respondents.  Here we compare ace respondents to non-ace respondents, keeping in mind that the non-ace respondents to our survey are not representative of the population in general.

Nonace sex drive
This question asked “How strong is your sex drive/libido?” with the additional clarification “Sex drive, or libido, refers to the drive to engage in some kind of sexual gratification, whether through partnered sex or solo stimulation (e.g. masturbation).  The question does not account for varying sex drive.

Interestingly, these results seem contrary to research showing that asexuals and non-asexuals do not differ significantly in their desire to masturbate (Prause & Graham, 2007), although note that “sex drive” and “desire to masturbate” are not interchangeable.

Nonace disposition
Respondents were asked how they feel about the idea of them personally engaging in sex.  Aces skew towards being repulsed and indifferent, while non-aces skew towards being favorable.

The survey does not explicitly define sexual activity, but gives the examples as “intercourse, oral sex, anal sex, manual stimulation”.

Nonace politics
Respondents were asked wither they consider themselves sex-positive or negative, and the terms were left undefined.

Nonace sexneg
Respondents were asked whether they agree with the statement, “Our society has too much sex in it, and it would be better if it were diminished.”

Nonace sexpos
Respondents were asked whether they agree with the statement “I have absolutely no problem with sex between consenting adults.”

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