We need your help: Volunteer for the Survey Team

This call for volunteers is now closed!  Thanks to those who responded, we will eventually get to everybody.  If you missed the call and would still like to volunteer, you may still contact us through our e-mail, but please be aware that it may take us much more time to process.

The Ace Community Survey Team is currently looking for new volunteers, particularly people with programming or technical writing skills.

Our team designs and releases a survey every year, analyzes data, and produces reports.  We seek to understand the diversity and well-being of ace communities, and educate activists and researchers with up to date information.

The major roles that we currently need volunteers for are:

  • Writing reports
    • You will write and edit reports summarizing results, in collaboration with other writers and analysts.
  • Analysis of survey data
    • You will analyze data and produce visualizations, in collaboration with other analysts and writers
    • You must be familiar with Python, pandas, and matplotlib–or willing to learn.
  • Reading and interpreting text responses
    • You will read and classify text responses to survey questions.
    • No programming ability required, but you must be familiar with ace concepts and terminology.
  • Translation of reports into other languages
    • You will translate existing reports to make our results accessible around the world.

Further details will be explained upon joining!  We hold training sessions for new volunteers, and monthly meetings on chat.

Time commitments are flexible depending on your availability at any given part of the year, but we recommend setting aside at least 4-5 hours a month to do work on your own time, plus an additional hour for meetings.

If you’re interested, please fill out this form by the end of September 2021, and allow several weeks for a response.  (If you fill out the form at a later date, the response may be slower.)  If you’d like more information, you may contact us at asexualcensus@gmail.com.