Call for new volunteers

The Ace Community Survey Team is currently looking for new volunteers, particularly people with programming or technical writing skills.

Our team designs and releases a survey every year, analyzes data, and produces reports. We seek to understand the diversity and well-being of ace communities, and educate activists and researchers with up-to-date information.

The major roles that we currently need volunteers for are:

  • Data analysis: Work with our team to create summaries and visualizations of survey data and find interesting trends, review the analysis of team members, and possibly improve tools for analysis. Work is done in Python with Jupyter notebooks and collaboration through GitHub and Discord (in English).
  • Report writing: Work with our team and describe, interpret, and contextualize analyzed data and review work of other report writers. We currently publish one major report each year (in English). Comfort with basic ace concepts and terminology is required. If interested, also help with interpretation of write-in responses.
  • Translation: Work with our team to translate the survey questions and answers each year and the corresponding reports made by the Ace Community Survey Team. Translators also proofread these texts.

All work is done remotely over the Internet, using Discord as our coordination platform. People from all over the world are welcome to apply! 

Time commitments are flexible depending on your availability at any given part of the year. We recommend setting aside at least 4-5 hours a month to do work on your own time, plus an additional hour for our internal meetings on Discord. We will provide further details upon joining, and will also hold trainings for the new volunteers. If you’re interested, please fill out this form by November 18, 2023. If you are selected, you will hear back from us by December 10, 2023. If you’d like more information, you may contact us at

German and Spanish Translations of 2017/18 Ace Community Survey Summary Report

As part of this year’s Ace Week, we are excited to share with you the German and Spanish translations of the summary results from the 2017/18 Ace Community Surveys. Click here to access the pdf in German or click here to access the pdf in Spanish, and see the previews below.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the surveys, and to the team that worked on the report and on its translation! Our translation teams are currently pursuing translations of more recent survey results as well as translations into other languages. If you are interested in helping the Ace Community Survey Team with translations, a call for volunteers will be released tomorrow.

Lee la versión de este artículo en español aquí.

Diesen Beitrag auf Deutsch lesen.

2021 Ace Community Survey Summary Report

This Ace Week, we are excited to share the summary results of the 2021 Ace Community Survey. Click here to access the pdf, and see a preview below.

Traditionally, we also release our new survey during Ace Week, but I am sorry to announce that this year the 2023 Ace Community Survey has been postponed. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the survey will not be ready until November or later. If you’d like to hear when the survey is released, please consider subscribing to updates! Also, check back later in the week for a few more announcements.