2021 Ace Community Survey Summary Report

This Ace Week, we are excited to share the summary results of the 2021 Ace Community Survey. Click here to access the pdf, and see a preview below.

Traditionally, we also release our new survey during Ace Week, but I am sorry to announce that this year the 2023 Ace Community Survey has been postponed. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the survey will not be ready until November or later. If you’d like to hear when the survey is released, please consider subscribing to updates! Also, check back later in the week for a few more announcements.

2 thoughts on “2021 Ace Community Survey Summary Report

  1. Hey, just wanted to point out that marking Crimea as Russian isn’t accurate. Crimea is internationally recognized as part of Ukraine, even though Russia annexed it in 2014. That move is generally considered against international law. Plus, the vote to join Russia happened under pretty sketchy conditions (and against Ukrainian constitution), like Russian troops being present. So it’s not just a simple map change—it’s a complex issue with legal and human rights implications. Let’s be careful with how we label things.

    Furthermore, taking into account the full-scaled invasion of Ukraine in 2022, it is seen as showing disrespect to Ukraine and its people.

    • Here’s a response from the team:

      Thank you for bringing that up! We get the map from a third-party software. It appears that we had used an old version of the code that included Crimea as part of Russian instead of Ukraine (this update occurred less than a year ago). As a volunteer-run international survey group, we certainly do not want to be asserting any legal/political claims of countries’ borders. The map in the report (though evidently flawed) was intended to highlight geographic regions of the world that we manage to sample with our survey. The actual numbers used are entirely self-reported, so someone on the Crimean peninsula is free to report their country as “Ukraine.”

      Moving forward, we are updating the code used to generate the graphic to the latest version, and we are discussing ways to make it clear that any map included is intended for visualization purposes only and is not a reflection of legal borders.

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