Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the survey open to?

The survey is open to anyone 13 years of age or older.

Do I have to be asexual to take the survey?

No! The survey is open to both ace and non-ace participants. Having non-ace participants actually helps us learn more about our ace participants by comparison, so we encourage everyone to respond regardless of how they identify.

What is the purpose of this survey?

The purpose of the survey is to measure various demographics within the asexual community, but non-ace participants are encouraged to respond as a comparison group. Additionally, data from the survey is used to create a database that can be used by future ace community leaders and researchers.

Can I share your survey with some people?

Yes, please do. We want responses from both ace and non-ace people.

How long does the survey run?

The survey runs annually, usually from mid-October to the end of November. While the survey may run longer, we recommend that you plan to respond by Nov. 30th to be safe.

Can I skip questions that I am not comfortable answering?

Yes. Nearly all questions in the survey are optional; if you are uncomfortable answering any question, please feel free to skip it and continue to the next one you are comfortable answering.

Can I take the survey on my phone?

We recommend using a laptop or desktop to ensure compatibility, but you should be able to complete the survey on a phone as well.

I’m having technical issues!

If you are having technical problems accessing the survey, try updating your browser to the latest version. If you still encounter issues, please let us know at

Could I have a more accessible copy of the survey?

If you are unable to take the main survey due to accessibility issues, shoot us a message at and we can work out a more accessible solution.

Why am I seeing the same question twice? Is this an error?

This is intentional – we sometimes ask about the same topic a few times with different wording or options so that we can see which questions work the best for future surveys, as well as to determine whether the wording of the questions is affecting the responses that people give.

Can I stop halfway through and come back later?

Some browsers may save your partial response, but if you close your window we can’t promise that you won’t have to start over. You can however leave the survey window open for as long as you would like. The survey is estimated to take about 30 minutes.

What happens if I stop partway through?

The survey data is only submitted if you hit the submit button at the end after answering all questions. If you close the survey partway through, your response will not be recorded.

How can I submit feedback on the survey?

The final section of the survey includes an open response section where you can submit comments anonymously; you can also send us feedback directly at

Who can access the data from this survey?

The data will be analyzed by the members of the ace community survey team. We may also share data with academic researchers and asexual organizers upon request, once they have been fully vetted by the survey team. If you are a researcher who would like access to the data, please complete the data request form here.

I sometimes see the Ace Community Survey referred to as the “Asexual Census”. Is it an actual census?

The Ace Community Survey is not technically a census, as it does not survey the entire ace community – only a small sample of it. Earlier versions of the survey were named and referred to as the “Asexual Census” or “AVEN Census” in reference to the first attempt at an ace community survey by AAW in 2011 (which was also technically not a census).

Who runs the survey?

The survey is run by the Ace Community Survey Team, a volunteer group of ace activists.

Is the Ace Community Survey affiliated with any other groups?

The Ace Community Survey was originally started in partnership with the Asexual Visibility and Education Network (AVEN), but has always operated independently and as of 2017 is completely independent and unaffiliated with any other ace organizations.

Does the survey go through IRB approval?

As an independent project not affiliated with any university or formal research organization, we do not currently go through an IRB. If you are a researcher interested in the IRB status of the survey, please contact us to ask for more details.

When and where will results be published?

Any results and analysis will be posted at  Analysis will be done whenever we can.

How can I get involved?

The survey team is currently recruiting volunteer analysts to help produce reports on the findings of the survey – we are interested in anyone with experience in statistical analysis. If you have any relevant skills and would be interested in helping out, please send us an email at

What if my question isn’t on here?If you have any additional questions, please contact us at