A-Okay Intersectionality: A visibility report on autistic aces & their experiences

Happy Autism Acceptance Month! In celebration, we created this infographic to inform and share our data with you all. With one third of surveyed aces being on the autism spectrum we would like to spotlight the intersectionality experienced by autistic aces. This data comes for the 2019 Ace Community Survey data which will be in a report later this year, so be on the lookout! For more information on Autism Acceptance Month and autistic experiences please visit the Autism Society.

infographic on autistic aces

Bi Visibility Day report: “Putting the B in A”

Here at the Ace Community Survey team, intersectionality is an essential part of our identities as it is for those in the broader ace community. This Bi Visibility Day, we have released a visibility report to challenge biphobia and increase bi awareness using data taken from the 2019 Ace Community Survey. Please enjoy and share this infographic to spread awareness of where the bi and ace communities overlap. For more information about Bi Visibility Day which is celebrated every September 23rd, feel free to visit https://bivisibilityday.com/

Bi Visibility Day infographic

Click for the full size!

Special thanks goes out to Lea for data analysis and quality control, and Robin for quality control.

2019 Raw Data Now Available to Researchers

We are pleased to announce that raw data from the 2019 Ace Community Survey is now available for researchers wishing to perform additional analysis!

If you are a researcher and would like to request a copy of the raw data, please fill out the new data request form here. Raw data from previous years is also available.

If you have any questions, please contact us at asexualcensus@gmail.com.